Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Dec 13th, Dec 20th

Ah I missed this last week. Last week I wanted to be soul oriented, but not too restraining.

Mos Def - History feat Talib Kweli
Ndidi Onukwulu - Move Together
Bike For Three! - There Is Only One Of Us
Maiko Watson - Some kinda Love
Murder By Death - Dead Men & Sinners
Buck 65 - unknown track (Dirtbike Project 3)
Crooked Brothers - Sweet Lemons
Chic Gamine - Piloto Automatico
Cursive - The Ugly Organist
Cursive - Some Red Handed Sleight Of Hand
Cursive - Art Is Hard
O'Death - Home
The Pack AD - Blackout
United Steel Workers of Montreal - Making Babies
Digits - Sarah
The Burning Hell - Grave Situation Pt1
The Burning Hell - Gave Situation Pt3
Blue King Brown - Rush
Bunky echo Hawk - Decolonization is Sexy
The Devlins - Waiting
The Swell Season - The Rain
Minus The Bear - Hooray
Megapuss - Duck People Duck Man
Thao & the Get Down Stay Down - Cool Yourself
The Monks - Higgle Dy Piggle Dy

This week Dec 20th:

Monotonix -Body Language
Hawksley Workman - When You Gonna Flower?
Rudimental - Loyal to the Funk
Mos Def - Pistola
The Replacements - Anywhere Is Better Than Here
Buck 65 - unknown (Dirtbike 3)
Brand New - Be Gone
Brand New - Sink
The Pink Mountaintops - The Gayest of Sunbeams
The Drugs - Smells Alright To Me
Murder By Death - Brother
Quagmire - Cocaine Shakes
The Cat Empire - Miserere
Hawiian Bibles - There's Good People In the City
Maiko Watson - Under Your Spell
The Replacements - Bastards of Young
Bunky Echo Hawk - Hard Times
Bright Eyes - From A Balance Beam
TV on the Radio - Halfway Home
Murder By Death - The Devil Drives

This week I had originally wanted to do a theme - something like Holiday themed or Leaving themed, based of the idea that both Charlie & I are getting the hell out of dodge next week. The Leaving themed was actually based on the song Anywhere but Here we played. It ended up that we wanted to make the best hour & a half of radio as possible, since it's the year end show cause neither of us will be here next week. I'll try & make it to the studio this week to prerecord something, but goddamn I'm busy. We'll see.

Take care till the new year!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Round 3: Winner takes all.

Sinister? Yes. True? Well, winner gets all the glory anyway. So here's how it goes.
We've both had an awkward & weird weekend. The show keeps our spirits up, and we laugh.
Charlie's old & I'm new.

Thao & The Get Down Stay Down - Cool Yourself (new - J)
Pascale Picard - Wish You Were Here (old - Ch)
winner: Joce

Thursday - Friends in the Armed Forces (new - J)
The Briggs - Oblivion (old - Ch)
winner: Charles. (RPS)

Frank Turner - Live Fast Die Young
Beck - I Think I'm In Love
winner: Charlie. Damn.

Ted Leo & the Pharmacists - Even Heroes Have To Die (new - J)
She Wants Revenge - True Romance (old - Ch)
winner: Joss. Nothing can beat Ted Leo. On a related note: NEW TED LEO!!!

The Burning Hell - Dancer/Romancer (new - J)
Little Joy - Brand New Start (old - Ch)
winner: Jocelyn. The difference here is between filet mignon & street goat.

Queens of the Stone Age - Suture Up Your Future (old - Ch)
Dr Rage & The Uppercuts - Monkeybone (new - J)
winner: Charlie. As much as I dislike QOTSA, this was a pretty good tune.

Eagles of Death Metal - San Berdoo Sun (old - Ch)
Tom Waits - Such A Scream (new - J)
winner: what do you think? Yeah, Tom Waits. Jocelyn. (RPS)

The Donnas - Revolver (old - Ch)
You Say Party! We Say Die! - Glory (new - J)
winner: Jostlen! (RPS)

The Weakerthans - Sun in an Empty Room (old - Ch)
Westbound Train - I Don't Belong Here (new - J)
winner: so Charlie. Like, times one hundred to the power of infinity. I didn't think she was capable of dirty pool!

The Rowdymen - Too Little Too Late

My victory lap:
Thao & The Get Down Stay Down - The Clap
The Cat Empire - So Long

The final score was 5/4 for me. I win the tournament 2-1! Cool! IIt will be good to get this out of my system. It was fun to do. Challenging sometimes too. I've got some stuff I'm ready to spin fo next week - new Mute Math, new Ted Leo, new A Wilhem Scream, more Crooked Brothers, new Blue King Brown... Actually, take a peek at this.

Hope that satiates you till next Sunday!

**RPS means we held our grounds & determined the winner by traditional methods passed from our mother's father's father's mother to us. (Rock paper scissors.)**

Monday, November 30, 2009

November 29th, 2009

I was feeling around alot of things of this day. Trying out new songs, albums I haven't been able to sample before. Got the feel of some bands I've always heard of, but never heard.

Charlie's not around. Watching Sunday Night Football or some nonsense. Let freedom ring!

The Crooked Brothers -Sunday Dress
Frank Turner - Poetry of the Deed
Os Mutantes - O Careca
The Unwanted - Last Chance
Westbound Train - Salvation
Little Girls - Imaginary Friends
Quagmire - Astro Family Blues
Thao & The Get Down Stay Down - The Clap
Thao & The Get Down Stay Down - Cool Yourself
Quagmire - Devil In Disguise
Thrice - All The World Is Mad
Flight of the Conchords - Hurt Feelings
You say Party! We Say Die! - There Is xxxx (within my heart)
The Cat Empire - The Darkness
Alex Cuba - Que Pasa Lola
Blue King Brown - Water
Still Life Still - Kid
The Sidewalks - Ready Set Go!
Feral Children - Dance Machine
Rick White Album - Icicles
Tinariwen - Kel Tamashek
LCD Soundsystem - Track 7

One hour and one half per week doesn't seem sufficient. I always want to touch on every genre. I seem to have to the case of trying to please everyone but never appeasing anyone. At least, I think so.

During the show I mentioned this website Live Fix (www.christophercatania.com) that "Exerimenting with our addiction to live music culture." That is something I am very interested in, and I roll around social deconstruction every time I go to a show, or am persuaded not to go to a show. I've only starting skimming the top of this site. It's worth a look!

Monday, November 23, 2009

November 22nd, 2009

Round 2: Charlie's New against My Old.

Being Old is decieving, because you can't play any of the bands you instantaneously fell in love with this year, so you're tricked into thinking you have nothing to choose from. And you beat around the bush not bringing up great artists you hope will fly uner the radar till next week.

Nothing to choose from?! I made a point of throwing down the best of the best. I play to win. No mercy!

This week we had a completely unbias third party moderator: my boyfriend Ty! Hahaha. It was his birthday, and we need someone to draw the line in the sand somewhere. He was also our moral code, and we almost threw him out the window.

Nestor Wynrush - Ole Mine Town (new - Ch)
Record of the Week Club - Walkman (old - J)
winner: Jostlen

CKY - Karmonics (new - Ch)
Refused - The Shape of Punk to Come (old - J)
winner: Refused are fucking dead! Jocelyn

Haunter - Turn In For Night (new - Ch)
Elliott Brood - Without Again (old - J)
winner: Ty favours Haunter. Charlie wins. Traitor!

Spinnerette - Bapitized By Fire (new - Ch)
The Cat Empire - Fishies (old - J)
winner: Jocelyn. Hell yes! Let's dance!

Astronautalis - The Wondersmith and his Sons (old - J)
Mos Def - Supermagic (new - Ch)
winner: Charlie. Nothing beats Mos Def. Gotta hand it to her.

At The Drive In - Sleepwalk Capsules (old - J)
The Gorgon - Creatures For A While (new - Ch)
winner: Jocelyn! We rock paper scissored this one out. Both unreal selections.

The Hold Steady - Ask Her For Adderall (old - J)
Camera Obscura - James (new - Ch)
winner: Jawslyn. The Hold Steady walks

Fugazi - Waiting Room (old - J)
Reverend Horton Heat - Please Don't Take The Baby To The Liquor Store (new - Ch)
winner: Jocelyn

Chic Gamine - Shake Off Your Worries (old - J)
Digits - You're Going to Age (new - Ch)
winner: Joscillin

Did I just win 7-2?

My victory lap!:
Thao & The Get Down Stay Down - The Clap
The Cat Empire - Radio Song

Charlie needs to write more of these. I slant them too much in my favour! I'm so so so excited to see The Cat Empire play tomorrow!!!

Monday, November 16, 2009

November 15th, 2009

I was excited for this show. Less funnelling, more channelling. There were some things I wanted to talk with Charlie about, and planning to work with time constraints & dice up my selections, but that didn't happen. I had tons of time to play everything I wanted! Awesome.

Fake Problems - Alligator Assassinator
Westbound Train - Don't Belong Here
Brand New - Sink
Ted Leo -Dirty Old Town
Murder By Death - Brother
Murder By Death - The Desert Is On Fire
The Crooked Brothers - Buried Alive
The Crooked Brothers - Sweet Lemons
The Crooked Brothers - Sunday Dress
Frank Turner - Live Fast Die Old
Record Of The Week Club - Walkman
Street Sweeper Social Club - Fight! Smash! Win!
fun. - Walking The Dog
The Mahones - Drunken Lazy Bastard
The National Parcs - Awestruck
P-Butta - Overseas
Mad Caddies - Weird Beard
Lebeato - BBR
Subcity - Too Loud For This City
Mason Rack Band - Seen Her B4
The AKA's - Everybody Make Some Noise

Rad. Some of this is reactionary. Next week we've got at least two weeks left of battling Old vs New, so this was alot of stuff I've been listening to I won't be able to play during those weeks (aka The Crooked Brothers). That album rules. I tend to say it alot, but it's one of those ones that reignites your faith. In what? You decide.

The Mahones are opening for Dropkick Murphys tomorrow at the Burt. Should be a stellar show!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Pass the Mic

It was my first year on pass the mic. So I decided to invite along my best friend Erin. I really had fun doing the show with her. As Jocelyn said we've split the show in half. So me and Erin did the first 45, and her and Mason Rack took over the 2nd half. I had a fun time. So here's Erin's playlist.

Band of Skulls - Friends
Goldfrapp - Lovely
Pascal Picard - Wish You Were Here
Kidney Thieves - Crazy
Jem - It's Amazing
Mazzy Star - Fade Into You
Portishead - Machine Gun
Dj Champion - Sergio's Trio
Butterfly Bouche - Life is Short
The Strokes - NYC Cops

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Sunday Nov 8th

Every once & awhile I get these ideas that always start with "Wouldn't that be cool if..." Then I decide if I have the balls to go through with it. If I can make it possible. More often lately, I've been doing it, and it's been awesome.

This is Charlie's first year on Pass The Mic, so I asked if she wanted to have anyone on. Good-friend-Erin-that-Jocelyn's-still-never-met is the first person that came to mind.

Then on a whim I decided it'd be sweet to have Mason Rack, a musician who's in town from Australia, on Pass The Mic 2009. He's been touring across Canada for the past 4 months, & finally gets to go home next week. However, 4 people in the studio is a crazy thing to imagine. So we did 45 minutes each, starting with Charlie. Mason was pretty stoked, but had to get ready.

Mason's setlist:
Violent Femmes - Country Death Song
Violent Femmes - Black Girls
Muse - Hysteria
Muse - Feelin Good
Tom Waits - Puttin On The Dog
Mason Rack Band - Seen It Before
Gomez - Hangover
Pink Floyd - The Great Gig In The Sky
Jeff Buckley - Everybody Here Wants You
Mason Rack Band - Dead Of Night

I thought it went so well! Relaxed, chatted up a storm. Can't wait to have my next guest on.

Go see Mason play on Tuesday at the Ellice Theatre & Cafe on Tuesday! It'll be your last chance in a while. The show starts at 7 & it's 10$ at the door.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

This week (while riddled with errors, my fault I'm afraid!) was another edge-of-your-seat thrillride as Charlie & I faced off new versus old for the 2nd week. I had New this week & probably have enough material for 2 more shows. I still had some fierce competition.

Brand New - Vices (new - J)
The Subways - Rock N Roll Queen (old - Ch)
Winner: Jocelyn

Fake Problems - Diamond Rings (new - J)
Tv On The Radio - Red Dress (old - Ch)
Winner: Charles

The Crooked Brothers - Windor Beer (new - J)
Magnificent 7's - Today's Empires Tomorrow's Ashes (old - Ch)
Winner: Jocelyn

Buck 65 - Way Back When (old - Ch)
Hilltop Hoods - Still Standing (new - J)
Winner: Charles

The Distillers - City of Angels (old - Ch)
A Wilhelm Scream - Australias (new - J)
Winner: Charlez

The Cramps - Bikini Girls With Machine Guns (old - Ch)
Subcity - Gastown (new - J)
Winner: Jocelyn

Hawksley Workman - The City Is A Drag (old - Ch)
Blue King Brown - Water (new - J)
Winner: Jocelyn

The Real Mackenzies - Chip (old - Ch)
White Cowbell Oklahoma - Piece of the Action (new - J)
Winner: Charles

John K Samson - Heart of the Continent (new - J)
The Gaslight Anthem - Old White Lincoln (old - Ch)
Winner: Charlie

Mad Caddies - Weird Beard

This week's tally was 4 to 5, with Charlie coming out on top! Darn. However 3 of these were results of rock-paper-scissors, cause I am so stubborn. She won all 3. Crap. I remain certain that John K Samson should have prevailed (the album is so timely!) especially because of the poor song choice (in my opinion) from TGA. However, Charles has sailor tattoos, so she sided with her pick. If it were High & Lonesome or Even Cowgirls Sing The Blues, I would have had to give it to her.

Damnit. I lost. We might have to make up humiliations for the loser - except that Charlie is embarrassed so easily & I am shameless.

Go see The Crooked Brothers & Mag 7's this Thursday at the WECC!!!
Go see Mad Caddies rock the Pyramid next Monday Nov 9th!!!
(Is it Nov already?)

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Sunday October 25th, 2009

Alright. I was sick of quote-unquote "listening" to Charlie bitch on this thing about how normally uninteresting her solo shows turn out to be, to be frank, so we beat the crap out of each other this time. Figuratively.

For the next couple weeks we'll be pitted against each other: Old vs New. This week I had Old, & she had New. Which she claims is almost all country or hiphop. What?! None of my songs go slower than 125 beats per minute (bpm). We scored them against each other on song-by-song basis. Some of the winners were decided based on rock paper scissors results, because we have no impartial judge. Here are the results.

Less Than Jake - Boomtown -J (old)
Rancid - New Orleans -Ch (new)
winner: Charlie

Flogging Molly - Devil's Dance Floor -J (old
Bike For Three - Always I Will Miss You. Always You -Ch (new)
winner: Charlie

The Icarus Line - Kiss Like Lizard -J (old)
The Angry Dragons - Girlfriend -Ch (new)
winner: Jocelyn

Voivod - Rebel Robot -J (old)
Propagandhi - Potemkin City Limits -Ch (new)
winner: Charlie

One Day As A Lion - Wild International -J (old)
Shout Out Out Out Out - Coming Home -Ch (new)
winner: Jocelyn

Venetian Snares - Circle Pit

Johnny Cash Remixed - Leave That Junk Alone -Ch (new)
The Creepshow - Run For Your Life -J (old)
winner: Jocelyn

Romi Mayes - Somethin Goin On -Ch (new)
Novillero - A Little Tradition -J (old)
winner: Jocelyn

Wab Kinew - Last Word -Ch (new)
Tinariwen - Timatent Tilay -J (old)
winner: Charlie

Grand Analog - I Play My Kazoo -Ch (new)
Thao & The Get Down Stay Down - Cool Yourself -J (new)
no winner: I really wanted to play Thao despite being new

So the overall winner is.....!: No one. We tied. We're too nice to each other. We need an impartial judge.

HOWEVER! Get ready for next week cause I've been cataloguing so many cd's in the CKUW compound my ears are bleeding & I have blisters & callouses & the like... I have heavy artillery. Charlie had better bone up.

Sunday, October 18, 2009

October 18

Wish I had more variety. Had a bunch of ideas, none of which really came through, but did enjoy the music I played. So that's good. I think it went fairly well. But I digress and here's the playlist.

Wab Kinew - Live By The Drum
Grand Analog - I'm On Fire
Classified - Loonie
Buck 65 - Kennedy Killed The Hat
Hilltop Hoods - Last Confession
Shout Out Out Out Out - Bad Choices
Bike for Three! - Can Feel Love (Anymore)
United Steel Workers of Montreal - Making Babies
Reverend Horton Heat - Please Don't Take The Baby To The Liquor Store
The Cramps - God Damn Rock N Roll
The Angry Dragons - Girlfriend
The Monks - That's My Girl
Subcity Dwellers - Drag Me Down
The Hold Steady - Magazines
Greg MacPherson - Slow Stroke
Wab Kinew - Stand N Fight
Nestor Wynrush - Ole Mine Town featuring Grand Analog
Romi Mayes - Givin Is Gone
The Weakerthans - (Hospital Vespers)
The Angry Dragons - Got To Be You
Classified - Up All Night
Tommy Guerrero - As The Sea Holds Creatures Vast and True

Just the whole timing of everything seemed off, but there ya go.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Sunday October 4, 2009

Awesome show this week. Everything went swimmingly. Random CD's that all came together quite well, if I don't say so myself.

Monotonix - Body Language
The Sidewalks - S.O.S. (From the Burlesque)
Grand Analog - Magnifico
The Monks - I Hate You
Chariots of Eggs - All My Friends Are Robots
Romi Mayes - Tire Marks
Westbound Train - Somethings Aren't Meant To Be Remembered
The Hold Steady - Girls Like Status
The Burning Hell - Grave Situation Pt. 3
Wax Mannequin - Grownups Never Lie
A Wilhelm Scream - I Wipe My Ass With Showbiz
Shout Out Out Out Out - Bad Choices
Hilltop Hoods - Super Official
Bike for Three! - Let's Never Meet
Gogol Bordello - Not A Crime
Reverend Horton Heat - Drinkin and Smokin Cigarettes
Thrice - Doublespeak
Blue King Brown - Samoas' Song

Good stuff!!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sept 27th, 2009

Whoa! That came out of nowhere! What a killer show. Straight up rock from start to finish. No time to slow down, take a breath. With so many shows this week, the 2nd half hour became a showcase of sorts...

Muse - Hysteria
MuteMath - The Nerve
Monotonix - Body Language
Os Mutantes - 2000 e Agarrum
Shout Out Out Out Out - In The End It's Your Friends
The Burning Hell - Old World
Elliott Brood - Write It All Down Forever
Bouncing Souls - Sing Along Forever
Moses Mayes - Intrafusion
Gaslight Anthem - Miles Davis & The Cool
Gogol Bordello - Forces of Victory
A Wilhelm Scream - The Rip
Eamon McGrath - Land of Dogs
The Matches - Sunburn Versus the Rhinovirus
The Waking Eyes - Clap Clap
The Angry Dragons - Snake Apartment
Mr Something Something - Only The Maker
Eco Shock - Vetera

Corresponding shows:
Elliott Brood - WECC - Sept 30th
Bouncing Souls - Pyramid - Sept 30th
Gaslight Anthem - Garrick - Oct 1st
A Wilhelm Scream - Pyramid - Oct 1st
Moses Mayes - Pyramid - Oct 2nd
The Angry Dragons - Royal Albert - Oct 2nd
Gogol Bordello - Burt - Oct 3rd
Shout Out Out Out Out - Pyramid - Oct 13th

Holy moley! Have a great week folks. I sure as hell will!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Sept 20th, 2009

I had so much pent up music ready to play since last week. I thought it came out fairly well. Well, really well actually. Next week will be so up-to-date, cause there are so many great shows coming the week after. And, since it's beyond the fact, I hate that Fucked Up won the Polaris prize this year. Elliott Brood should have won it hands down.

The Hold Steady - Yeah, Sapphire
Bouncing Souls - Ballad of Johnny X
Subcity Dwellers - Gasoline
Hopalong Knut - Ut Gjennom Vinduet
Blue King Brown - Stand Up
Record of the Week Club - A Thousand Nights Alone
The Cramps - Daisys up your Butterfly
Classified - Oh...Canada
Youth Brigade - Believe In Something
The Angry Dragons - Fight Fire
Alkaline Trio - Dead & Broken
Hilltop Hoods - Still Standing
Artists United to Defeat Harper & Fight Climate Change - You Have A Choice
The Burning Hell - Berlin Conference
Haunter - Turn In For Night
The Hold Steady - Sequestered in Memphis

Like what you hear? Go see some music.

The Hold Steady - Sept 24th - WECC
Bouncing Souls/Youth Brigade - Sept 30th - Pyramid
Sucbity Dwellers CD Release party! - Oct 17th - WECC

Sept 13th, 2009

Oh no! Last week's show! Fun times with Charlie in the studio. I thought it was amazing radio! Despite at least one thousand flaws in our stuttering competance.

Grand Analog - I Play My Kazoo
The Burning Hell - Old World
Subcity Dwellers - Too Loud For This City
The Monks - Love Came Tumbling Down
The Monks - Drunken Maria
Ocote Soul Sounds w Adrien Quesada - El Diablo Y El Nau Nau
White Cowbell Oklahoma - This Cracker
Left Alone - 3 Bottles of Wine
The Angry Dragons - Can't Seem to Make you Mine
Oumou Sangare - Djigui
Blue King Brown - Us & Them
The Pogs - I Sat on a Mountain & the Universe Smiled at Me
Shout Out Out Out Out - Bad Choices
Nestor Wynrush - Ol Mine Town
Eamon McGrath - Holy Roller
Justin LaCroix Band - Spanish Cigarettes
Mr Something Something -
Bike For Three - NightDriving
Hilltop Hoods - The Nosebleed Section
Dinosaur Jr -

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Dangit, I didn't pound together my epic show like I wanted. Instead it will seep into the subconscious of all following shows. Like this one. As is the way. Exploring lots of new music here:

Metric - Blindness
Giant Sons - Coniferous
Impeders of Progress - I Hope You Like Soup Kids
Not Half - Why Doesn't This Work?
The Burning Hell - Daneer/Romaneer
The Human Abstract - Harbinger
The Lawrence Arms - Beyond The Embarassing Style
Evil Survives - Vampire Ambush
Japandroids - I Quit Girls
Tinariwen - Assouf
Blue King Brown - Samoas Song
Shout Out Out Out Out - Guilt Trips Sink Ships
Immaculate Machine - You Got Us Into This Mess
Hot Water Music - Bottomless Seas
White Cowbell Oklahoma - Polecat
The Burning Hell - Untitled

I will play Blue King Brown & The Burning Hell for the next 8 weeks at least. They burned up my summer. I absolutely love their albums - Stand Up & baby respectively. While the Weakerthans make me miss home, these two protect me from all sorts of homesick.

Monday, August 31, 2009

August 30th, 2009!

Yo it's Jocelyn! Back at it dirty & wreckless! Okay okay this thing is one day late. But in my defense, the net was down at the station. Also in my defense, we have milk in the fridge that expired June 20th. So this isn't very...expired. I apologize if you were refreshing refreshing refreshing, knowing I wouldn't leave you hanging, clenching your fists & screaming at the sky, up all night restless to see what I've played... If this is the case, I apologize. If not, suck it up. Seriously.

Pent up for two months, and needed a release. This is my Comfort Music show. Which turns out to be the "Best of" all the shows I've done in the past. Everything has it's place. Next week will be quite epic with things I've compiled from all over. Stay tuned!

Ted Leo & The Pharmacists - Fourth World War
The Burning Hell - When The World Ends
The Format - Oceans
Blue King Brown - Water
Immaculate Machine - Thank Me Later
Astronautalis - The Wondersmith and His Sons
Grand Analog - Spaces & Places (Take It Slow)
BA Johnston - The Manatee Is My Totem Animal
Okkervil River - Lost Coastlines
The Savants - A Skip In The Record
Thursday - Friends in the Armed Forces
Oumou Sangare - SounSoumba
Paper Moon - The Spaces Where Your Paintings Once Hung
The Magnificent 7's - The Whiskey Song
Streetlight Manifesto - Watch It Crash
Ted Leo & The Pharmacists - Hearts of Oak
Propagandhi - Potemkin City Limits
K'Naan - America
Ndidi Onukwulu - SK Final
Los Campesinos! - Miserabilia
Under Pressure - Safety

Yeah, I'm back.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

August 23, 2009

Didn't have a plan. Just winging it. Hopefully all turns out well

Subcity Dwellers - Chillin'
The Briggs - Not Alone
Vetiver - Houses
Grand Analog - Everyday Always
Buck 65 - Drunk Without Drinking
Pink Mountaintops - Outside Love
Tim Armstrong - Hold On
Grand Analog - Lets Make Love
Haunter - Sugar Melting
The Hold Steady - Ask Her For Adderall
The Paps - Make Up Your Mind
B.A. Johnston - Beamsville Fair
Honest John - When The Doves Cry
Bike for Three! - One More Time Forever
The Subways - I Won't Let You Down
Metric - Stadium Love
My Son the Bum - The R.I.A.A. (Took My Computer Away)
Wab Kinew - Last Word
Snake River Conspiracy - How Soon Is Now?
Romi Mayes - Somethin' Goin On
The Pixies - Where Is My Mind?

Monday, August 17, 2009

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Totally forgot to post this last night. The show went on unplanned. I like doing the show unplanned, just having a list of bands I'd like to play and a few song suggestions, that mostly don't get played. I like the way it turned out. Although I think I am going to have a definite plan in effect for next week.

Buck 65 - Way Back When
Nestor Wynrush - Ole Mine Town feat. Grand Analog
Wab Kinew - Stand N Fight
Bike for Three! - MC Space
Shout Out Out Out Out - Bad Choices
Record of the Week Club - Walkman
The Briggs - This is L.A.
The Donnas - Revolver
Spinnerette - Baptized by Fire
The Hold Steady - You Can Make Him Like You
Greg MacPherson - Slow Stroke
Justin Lacroix Band - Spanish Cigarettes
Vetiver - Rolling Sea
Hawksley Workman - Oh You Delicate Heart
O 'Death - Angeline
Haunter - Us Not Them
Romi Mayes - The Other Dame
The Magnificent Sevens - Today's Empires, Tomorrow's Ashes
The Weakerthans - The Reasons

Sunday, August 9, 2009

August 9, 2009

Two more shows until Jocelyn gets back. Didn't have a plan, was feeling mellow and chill. So that was the plan. The sound on the computer wasn't working today, so I wasn't able to play any of my promos or ads. Other than that I think things went well.

Bike for Three! - Can Feel Love (Anymore)
Pink Mountaintops - While We Were Dreaming
Greg MacPherson Band - California
Lou Reed - The Gun
Romi Mayes- Angeline
Justin Lacroix Band - Spanish Cigarettes
Honest John - When Doves Cry
Camera Obscura - You Told A Lie
Bruthers of Different Muthers - All I Want
Buck 65 - Corrugated Tin Facade
O'Death - Home
Nathan - Cigarette Song
Wab Kinew - Last Word
Little Joy - Don't Watch Me Dancing
Robert Plant & Alison Krauss - Please Read The Letter
The Magnificent Sevens - The One
The Weakerthans - Utilities
Romi Mayes - I Won't Cry
Left Alone - 3 Bottles of Wine

Sunday, August 2, 2009

August 2, 2009

I think the show went well today. I enjoyed the music. Didn't really have a plan going in. When I got there, I decided I would play the first half hour of punk/rock. The 2nd half hour was hip hop/rap, and the last half hour I brought things down, very chill, relaxed, country, rock, etc.

Bruthers of Different Muthers - Bows & Arrows
The Briggs - Charge Into The Sun
cKy - Karmaworks
Left Alone - 3 Bottles Of Wine
Rancid - Civilian Ways
Bike for Three! - No Idea How
Grand Analog - Everyday Always
Johnny Cash - Straight A's In Love (Troublemaker Remix)
Buck 65 - Surrender To Strangeness
Wab Kinew - Stand N Fight
Nestor Wynrush - Ole Mine Town featuring Grand Analog
TV On The Radio - Young Liars
Greg MacPherson - Bankrobber
Hawksley Workman - In My Blood
Haunter - Turn In For Night
Camera Obscura - The Sweetest Thing
Pink Mountaintops - Vampire
Megapuss - To The Love Within
Romi Mayes - How I Roll
The Magnificent Sevens - Soul Of A Man

Sunday, July 26, 2009

July 26, 2009

Show is going well. Here's the playlist for tonight's show.

Eagles of Death Metal - Now I'm A Fool
Camera Obscura - James
Bedouin Soundclash - Until We Burn Into The Sun (The Kids Just Want A Love Song)
Romi Mayes - Slow Down
TV on the Radio - Halfway Home
Bike for Three - Always I Miss You. Always You
Shout Out Out Out Out - Bad Choices
Nestor Wynrush - Ole Mine Town featuring Grand Analog
Grand Analog - Take it Slow (Spaces & Places)
Buck 65 - Blood of a Young Wolf
The Weakerthans - Virtute the Cat Explains Her Departure
Bruthers of Different Muthers - All I Want
Propagandhi - Dear Coach's Corner
Under Pressure - Tired Eyes
Haunter - Turn In For Night
The Hold Steady - Girls Like Status
The Gaslight Anthem - Even Cowgirls Get The Blues
Wab Kinew - Last Word

Now off to go see Eagles of Death Metal!!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

July 19, 2009

The show went well today. Not really any technical difficulties. Here's the playlist!

Snake River Conspiracy - How Soon Is Now?
Johnny Cash - Leave that Junk Alone (Alabama 3 Remix)
Romi Mayes - Tire Marks
Bruthers of Different Muthers - Speakers of Tomorrow
Breach of Trust - Edge of Summer
Bike for Three - All There Is To Say About Love
Wab Kinew - Live By The Drum
The Gaslight Anthem - Old White Lincoln
Hawksley Workman - The City Is A Drag
Bedouin Soundclash - Nico On The Night Train
Grand Analog - I Play My Kazoo
Megapuss - Duck People Duck Man
The Gorgon - Creatures For A While
The Donnas - Give Me What I Want
The AKAs - All Sinners Welcome In The House Of The AKAs
CKY - Karmaworks
The Hold Steady - Sequestered in Memphis
Sub City Dwellers - Sweeya
Nestor Wynrush - Ole Mine Town
Camera Obscura - Careless Love
The Waking Eyes - All Empires Fall
The Farrell Bros - Lets Face It

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sunday July 12, 2009

The show went well today, minus a few techincal difficulties. Again didn't have a set playlist, but it works better this way, because I have a lot of music I end up not being able to play that I'm able to save for future shows. Here's the playlist for this week.

Electric Six - Gay Bar
The Gaslight Anthem - Even Cowgirls Get The Blues
Hawskley Workman - Is This What You Call Love?
The Magnificent Sevens - Rise To Heaven
The Waking Eyes - Get Me To The Doctor
The Subways - I Want To Hear What You've Got To Say
Grand Analog - Everyday Always
Sub City Dwellers - Take Some Time
The Farrell Bros - It's Allright Tonight
Romi Mayes - I Won't Cry
Wab Kinew - Summer Vibe
Chris Carmichael - Bitter Till The End
CKY - ...And She Never Returned
Nestor Wynrush - Winnipeg South Blues
Megapuss - Theme From Hollywood
The Weakerthans - Utilities
Shout Out Out Out Out - Coming Home

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Sunday July 5, 2009

My first official solo show. I had a basic idea of the songs I wanted to play, I think it went ok. Lots of room for improvement. The show after us The Faktory left me a CD to play, it took me about 10 minutes after their show had started to figure out to put the CD into the computer and not into the CD player. It kept on coming up error, then I figured the computer had to have a tower. Duh!

Buck 65 - Mr. Nobody
Sub City Dwellers - Go On!
Little Joy - Brand New Start
Grand Analog - Not Enough Mondays
The Magnificent Sevens - The One
The Real McKenzies - Drink Some More
Megapuss - Crop Circle Jerk '94
Romi Mayes - Hard Road
Shout Out Out Out Out - Bad Choices
Pink Mountaintops - The Gayest of Sunbeams
The Weakerthans - The Prescience of Dawn
Spinnerette - Ghetto Love
The Donnas - Rock N Roll Machine
Devendra Banhart - Freely
The Subways - Strawberry Blonde
Wab Kinew - Live by the Drum
Hawksley Workman - Smoke Baby
Rancid - Radio
Romi Mayes - Angeline
Tim Armstrong - Hold On

Sunday, June 28, 2009

June 28th 2009

Jocelyn's last show for the summer! Get ready for the Charlie Prescott takeover! She won't have me to lean on now!

The Hold Steady - Constructive Summer
Greg MacPherson Band - The Day The Water Dried Up From The Tap
Less Than Jake - Sleep It Off
K-os - Burning Bridges
Chuck Ragan - California Burritos
Refused - Summerholidays vs Punk Routine
Grand Analog - Her Daddy (Don't Like Me)
The Subways - Rock N Roll Queen
Buck 65 - Kennedy Killed The Hat
Rancid - New Orleans
DJ Brace - NH One
Shout Out Out Out Out - Guilt Trips Sink Ships
Fake Problems - Diamnds Rings
Oumou Sangare - SounSoumba
Chic Gamine - Motions
The Gorgon - Tommy
Under Pressure - Muddy Waters
Anthem Red - Broken English