Sunday, January 24, 2010

January 24th, 2010

Charlie & I agreed that our lives are missing something... Something that keeps us up all night & makes us find & celebrate life & bounce off the walls... Oh yeah! Punk music! It is much too infrequently we end up at the Albert yelling at each other over the sounds of walls collapsing saying "We need to do this more often!" We need to liven things up a bit round here. This is our punk/metal show. It's too bad some really good bands don't put out anything recorded.

Every Time I Die - White Smoke
Quagmire -Down at the Bar
Pulley - Blindfold
Moral Hazard - So Fucking Bored
CKY - Karma Works
The Briggs - Charge Into The Sun
Children of Bodom - Oops I Did It Again
Evil Survives - Vampire Ambush
Converge - Damages
The Haunted - Faultline
Under Pressure - Come Clean
Fallout - Praise the Lord and Pass the Prozac
The Real Mackenzies - I Hate My Band
Class War Kids - The Vegan Avenger Ascends into Legend
DOA - Just Say No To The WTO
Kids on Fire - Grand Mystifier
Report Suspicious Activity - Destroy All Evidence
The Isotopes - Around The Horn
The Fight United - Wendy Thirteen
Gogol Bordello - Copycat
The Blackjacks - Saskatchewan
Guttermouth - Campfire girl #62
Propagandhi - This Is Your Life
Guttermouth - Pee in the shower
The Distillers - Lordy Lordy

I still kind of can't believe it's 2010.

Monday, January 18, 2010

January 17th, 2010

I felt like I lost my mind during this show. I can't even remember at all what we played. I ran a workshop at the same time & let Charlie spread her wings a bit. Forgot some things & remembered others, from deep down somewhere. Some things got lost in the stacks of cd's we had lying around, and some things were passed up for better or worse. It actually turned out alright it seems!

Buck 65 - Untitled
Rancid - St Mary's
Geoff Berner - Luck in Exile
Propagandhi - Banger's Embrace
Monotonix - Flesh & Blood
Hayden - Weight of the World
Honest John - When Doves Cry
Vetiver - The Swimming Song
Subcity Dwellers - Sweeya
Hayden - Damn This Feeling
Pink Mountaintops - The Gayest of Sunbeams
Quagmire - Not In Me
Reverend Horton Heat - Please Don't Take The Baby to the Liquor Store
Magnum KI - Skool feat John Smith
Maiko Watson - Sweet Vibration
Magnum KI - Sleep
The Temper Trap - Fader
Flight of the Conchords - Hiphopoppotamus vs Rhymenoceros
Ancient Astronauts - I Came Running
Romi Mayes - Somethin' Goin On
Thao & The Get Down Stay Down - The Body
Honest John - Cherry Cherry
Kids on Fire - Shotgun
Ingrid Gatin - Wish I Were The One
Maiko Watson - Sweet Vibrations

As for last week.....well! Now that's what we call radio!

January 10th, 2010

March Forth Marching Band - Ninth Ward Calling
The Burning Hell - Precious Island
The Bottoms Up Blues Gang - Gotta Make A Change Blues
The Waking Eyes - Keeps Me Coming Back
Nick Lowe - I Love The Sound Of Breaking Glass
Grady - 3 Minute Song
Quagmire - Southern Hell Belle
The Ruffnecks - White Line
The Ruffnecks - Haybail Bastard
Buck 65 - Shutter Buggin'
The Crooked Brothers - Standing Still
The Cat Empire - Party Started
Hot Live Guys - I'm A Killer
Hawksley Workman - No Sissies
Devendra Banhart - Meet Me At Lookout Point
Kids on Fire - Pure Passion for the Desperate Masses
Grady - Annie Lee
Government Issue - Say Something
Hawaiian Bibles - Experiments with Oxygen
Billy Bragg - She's Got a New Spell
Flight of the Conchords - Hurt Feelings
Phil Ochs - One More Parade

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

January 3, 2010!!!

Happy New Year!!!!!!

Alright, don't get mad. I know you missed us last week. While Charlie & I aren't exactly snowbirds, we both got the chance to fly south this year! Be honest, you would if you could! I tried so hard to pre-record my show before I left last saturday, but then my bags were stuck in Chicago & my passport was missing... I was a trainwreck for a week, and had more pressing matters on my mind.

Here's a list of: 4 of my favourite bands I fell in love to in 2009, 2 songs about Louisiana, 3 of my alltime favourite bands, 5 bands I had never heard before I played them on air, and 2 local favourites. You can decide which is which. I always want to kick off the new year by discovering the bands I should have heard of last year.

The Burning Hell - When The World Ends
Blue King Brown - Comin' Through
The Crooked Brothers - Sweet Lemons
The Cat Empire - The Car Song
Cab Calloway - St James Infirmary Blues
Dave Matthews Band - Louisiana Bayou
Ted Leo & The Pharmacists - Hearts of Oak
Thrice - At The Last
The Format - The First Single
Set Your Goals - Gaia Bleeds (Make Way For Man)
Hey Ocean - A Song About California
Shotgun Jimmie - Louis Depson
Hot Live Guys - Night Danger
Shad - The Old Prince Still Lives At Home
Quagmire - Bad News
Wilco - Bull Black Nova
Maiko Watson - Wise Up