Sunday, November 1, 2009

This week (while riddled with errors, my fault I'm afraid!) was another edge-of-your-seat thrillride as Charlie & I faced off new versus old for the 2nd week. I had New this week & probably have enough material for 2 more shows. I still had some fierce competition.

Brand New - Vices (new - J)
The Subways - Rock N Roll Queen (old - Ch)
Winner: Jocelyn

Fake Problems - Diamond Rings (new - J)
Tv On The Radio - Red Dress (old - Ch)
Winner: Charles

The Crooked Brothers - Windor Beer (new - J)
Magnificent 7's - Today's Empires Tomorrow's Ashes (old - Ch)
Winner: Jocelyn

Buck 65 - Way Back When (old - Ch)
Hilltop Hoods - Still Standing (new - J)
Winner: Charles

The Distillers - City of Angels (old - Ch)
A Wilhelm Scream - Australias (new - J)
Winner: Charlez

The Cramps - Bikini Girls With Machine Guns (old - Ch)
Subcity - Gastown (new - J)
Winner: Jocelyn

Hawksley Workman - The City Is A Drag (old - Ch)
Blue King Brown - Water (new - J)
Winner: Jocelyn

The Real Mackenzies - Chip (old - Ch)
White Cowbell Oklahoma - Piece of the Action (new - J)
Winner: Charles

John K Samson - Heart of the Continent (new - J)
The Gaslight Anthem - Old White Lincoln (old - Ch)
Winner: Charlie

Mad Caddies - Weird Beard

This week's tally was 4 to 5, with Charlie coming out on top! Darn. However 3 of these were results of rock-paper-scissors, cause I am so stubborn. She won all 3. Crap. I remain certain that John K Samson should have prevailed (the album is so timely!) especially because of the poor song choice (in my opinion) from TGA. However, Charles has sailor tattoos, so she sided with her pick. If it were High & Lonesome or Even Cowgirls Sing The Blues, I would have had to give it to her.

Damnit. I lost. We might have to make up humiliations for the loser - except that Charlie is embarrassed so easily & I am shameless.

Go see The Crooked Brothers & Mag 7's this Thursday at the WECC!!!
Go see Mad Caddies rock the Pyramid next Monday Nov 9th!!!
(Is it Nov already?)

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