Monday, November 30, 2009

November 29th, 2009

I was feeling around alot of things of this day. Trying out new songs, albums I haven't been able to sample before. Got the feel of some bands I've always heard of, but never heard.

Charlie's not around. Watching Sunday Night Football or some nonsense. Let freedom ring!

The Crooked Brothers -Sunday Dress
Frank Turner - Poetry of the Deed
Os Mutantes - O Careca
The Unwanted - Last Chance
Westbound Train - Salvation
Little Girls - Imaginary Friends
Quagmire - Astro Family Blues
Thao & The Get Down Stay Down - The Clap
Thao & The Get Down Stay Down - Cool Yourself
Quagmire - Devil In Disguise
Thrice - All The World Is Mad
Flight of the Conchords - Hurt Feelings
You say Party! We Say Die! - There Is xxxx (within my heart)
The Cat Empire - The Darkness
Alex Cuba - Que Pasa Lola
Blue King Brown - Water
Still Life Still - Kid
The Sidewalks - Ready Set Go!
Feral Children - Dance Machine
Rick White Album - Icicles
Tinariwen - Kel Tamashek
LCD Soundsystem - Track 7

One hour and one half per week doesn't seem sufficient. I always want to touch on every genre. I seem to have to the case of trying to please everyone but never appeasing anyone. At least, I think so.

During the show I mentioned this website Live Fix ( that "Exerimenting with our addiction to live music culture." That is something I am very interested in, and I roll around social deconstruction every time I go to a show, or am persuaded not to go to a show. I've only starting skimming the top of this site. It's worth a look!

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