Sunday, September 6, 2009

Dangit, I didn't pound together my epic show like I wanted. Instead it will seep into the subconscious of all following shows. Like this one. As is the way. Exploring lots of new music here:

Metric - Blindness
Giant Sons - Coniferous
Impeders of Progress - I Hope You Like Soup Kids
Not Half - Why Doesn't This Work?
The Burning Hell - Daneer/Romaneer
The Human Abstract - Harbinger
The Lawrence Arms - Beyond The Embarassing Style
Evil Survives - Vampire Ambush
Japandroids - I Quit Girls
Tinariwen - Assouf
Blue King Brown - Samoas Song
Shout Out Out Out Out - Guilt Trips Sink Ships
Immaculate Machine - You Got Us Into This Mess
Hot Water Music - Bottomless Seas
White Cowbell Oklahoma - Polecat
The Burning Hell - Untitled

I will play Blue King Brown & The Burning Hell for the next 8 weeks at least. They burned up my summer. I absolutely love their albums - Stand Up & baby respectively. While the Weakerthans make me miss home, these two protect me from all sorts of homesick.

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