Monday, December 20, 2010

Playlists from November 21 - December 21, way overdue!

I dearly apoligize for not updating in the past month. I have a lot of playlists to share on here. Hopefully after the new year I shall get up on this and update weekly.

November 21, 2010

Ratatat- Lex
The Creepshow - Someday
Imaginary Cities - Ride This Out
Hawaiian Bibles - Don't Wanna Give It Up
The Dreadnoughts - Goblin Humppa
Delhi 2 Dublin - Tommy
Cripple Creek Fairies - Eater of Astronauts
Meisha & The Spanks - Meanface
Make Me Young - Baby Tuesday
Kids on Fire - Grand Mystifier
The Dead Weather - I'm Mad
The Weakerthans - This is a Fire Door Never Leave Open
Sleigh Bells - Kids
Mise en Scene - Red Lips & Ray Bans
Spiral Beach - Astro Girls
Deerhunter - Basement Scene
ARcade Fire - No Cars Go
Flight of the Conchords - Hurt Feelings
Wintersleep - Blood Collection
Tokyo Police Club - Break Neck Speed

November 28, 2010

Telepathic Butterflies - The Sympathetic Sort
Telepathic Butterflies - Cheerleaders
The Burning Hell - Dance Dance Dance
Animal Collective - Slippy
The Afterbeat - Midnight Lovers
The Weakerthans - One Great City
Querkus - Amanda's Concern
The Cat Empire - All Hell
Lebeato - Sunny Places
Bear Hands - Crime Pays
The Scissorkicks - I Think I Like It
The Dead Weather - Die by the Drop
Cheering For The Bad Guy - Christ Was A Cowboy
Cop Shades - Puke City
The Creepshow - Sleep Tight
The Black Keys - Howlin' For You
Enjoy Your Pumas - Ink
Young Rival - Ghost in the Dark
Abstract Artform - I Like the Sound (of Funky Music) featuring M Raps
Ratatat - Grape Juice City
The Ex-Boyfriends - Never Been Happier
Winter Sleep - Encyclopedia
B.A. Johnson - Taste The Shame

December 5, 2010

Lots of new local music at the station I'm excited about playing all following bands/songs that are *'d are from Winnipeg.

Enjoy Your Pumas - Sleeping Awake*
Telepathic Butterflies - Aloha!*
The Scissorkicks - Give It To Me*
The Deadweather - Hustle & Cuss
Imaginary Cities - Say You*
Ratatat - Kennedy
Querkus - Don't Stop The Rain*
The Dreadnoughts - Poutine
Absent Sound - Stuck In Line*
Islants - Abominable Snow
The Creepshow - They All Fall Down
The Cat Empire - On My Way
The Afterbeat - Better Man*
The Weakerthans - Bigfoot*
Devandra Banhart - 16th & Valencia Roxy Music
Blitzen Trapper - Below the Hurricane
The Lytics - Checkin' On My Pumas (Lebeato Remix)**
Tokyo Police Club - Favourite Food
Kids on Fire - Pure Passion for the Desperate Masses*
The Republic of Champions - Leave the Bottle*
Nobunny - Motorhead With Me

December 12, 2010

The Monks - Love Came Tumblin' Down
Dog Tooth Violet - In Leather
The Monks - I Hate You
The Details - Strings and Ribbons
Bog River - Dust on Your Boots*
Imaginary Cities - Calm Before the Storm*
The Scissorkicks - Never Gonna*
Meisha & The Spanks - Meanface
The Ex-Boyfriends - I Don't Have A Clue
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Beat The Devil's Tattoo
Cowpuncher - Thank God for Pretty Girls
Greg MacPherson - First Class
Cowboy Junkies - (You've Got to Get) A Good Heart
The Weirdies - Friends with Benefits
Gemma Ray - Only to Other People
The Black Angels - Bad Vibrations
The Cat Empire - The Lost Song
Broken Social Scene - Me and My Hand
Jim Bryson & The Weakerthans - Metal Girls*
The Afterbeat - Someday*
Buck 65 - Blood of a Young Wolf
Afrocubism - Mali Cuba

December 19, 2010

Last show of 2010 and Charlie flies solo. Didn't realise it was the last show of the year until writing this now. Next week the C.A.R.P. shall start early. Wish I did a recap, of the year. But played a lot of new/local music. Had a great time, really enjoyed how the show went. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did, and you shall hear me back on the radio waves in 2011! Have a great, and happy holidays!

Enjoy Your Pumas - Lucky Number Seven*
Mise en Scene - Do I Feel Love at All?*
Cowboy Junkies - Little Dark Heart
Romi Mayes - Givin' Is Gone*
Bog River - Road That Lies Between*
Cowpuncher - I Met Your God (In The Alley)
The Dreadnoughts - Cider Road
The Republic of Champions - Light Bulb*
Cheering For The Bad Guy - Teardrops Don't Lie*
Nobunny - Live It Up
The Afterparty - Don't Spill The Wine*
The Afterbeat - Worth a Try*
The Ex-Boyfriends - A Certain Quiet You Make
Jim Bryson & The Weakerthans - Anything & All*
Deerhunter - Revival Sailing
Querkus - Six Legs
Maiko Watson - Some Kind of Love (Lebeato Remix)**
Absent Sound - Stuck in Line*
Novie - I Won't Go (Shout Out Out Out Out Remix)
The Creepshow - Won't Back Down