Monday, August 16, 2010

Sunday, August 15th

Jocelyn's back! (Me.)

I've been scouring the east coast for fossils of shipwrecks & the music that comes alongside those ghosts. Found more than I bargained for. This is my story.

Cast of characters:
Record of the Week Club - Keewatin Arctic (Kelvin - Iqaluit)
Subcity Dwellers - Temper (me - wpg)
Two Hours Traffic - No Advances (Tyler - PEI)

Nova Scotia:
Stan Rogers - Barrett's Privateers
Wintersleep - Encyclopedia
Laura Peek & the Winning Hearts - The Verdict
Thrush Hermit - Western Dreamz
Matt Mays - The Highway is a Scary Place
Matt Mays - Dartmouth Soundsystem
Joel Plaskett - Love This City

The Cat Empire - Call Me Home
(mandatory OzCon, and the theme to midnight on the Halifax harbour in full moon)

Great Big Sea - Excursion Around the Bay
Roundelay - Clarity for a Cost
Matt Hornell & The Diamond Minds - Red Crescent
Mark Bragg - Your Boy's Home
The Idlers - Small Island
Dog Meat BBQ - The Rocks Of Ireland's Eye
unknown - The Last Shanty
Mopey Mumble Mouse - Hot Dogs & Kraft Dinner
Right Fist Forward - 420
Harry Hibbs - Squid Jiggin Ground
The Fables - Ramblin' Rover

Coming home:
Murder By Death - King of the Gutters Prince of the Dogs
Stan Rogers - Mary Ellen Carter

I was so overwhelmed by what I found out east. Found a second home in Nova Scotia & St John's - especially St John's. Eager to go back. The music community there is very tight knit & the whole city stinks of what I love about Winnipeg. Older older, and with more singalongs and fish.

Apologies to Charlie for hauling anchor & having a time without her in the past couple weeks, and subsequently walking around like I own the place during this show. Next week there'll be more of us & less of my ego. And this week I hardly even stuttered!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Did the show solo yet again. Jocelyn will return to the airwaves next week, promising to unleash some east coast music on us. Sounds exciting. Wanted things to be a bit more upbeat this week. Hope you enjoyed the show, and tune in next week for Jocelyn's return!

Hawksley Workman - We'll Make Time (Even When There Ain't No Time)
The Cat Empire - The Heart is a Cannibal
Idlers - Sing My Song
Xavier Rudd & Izintaba - Love Comes & Goes
The White Stripes - Jolene
The Roots - Dear God 2.0
Buck 65 - Blood of a Young Wolf
Nestor Wynrush - Ole Mine Town (featuring Grand Analog)
Balkan Beat Box - War Again
Buck 65 - Who By Fire
Romi Mayes - Slow Down
Camera Obscura - You Told A Lie
DecoyDecoy - We Met Eyes
Battle Snakes - Robbin A Bank
Kids on Fire - Bones
The Flaming Lips - Breathe
Shout Out Out Out Out - Bad Choices
Royal Canoe - Fabulous Mess
The New Pornographers - Sweet Talk, Sweet Talk

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Had another great show. I like just picking CD's at random and finding the rhythm and the flow of the show from there. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I. Not sure how much longer I'll be sailing solo, but when Jocelyn returns we shall welcome her with open arms, and see what sorts of interesting new music she has to bring us. But I digress and here's the playlist for this week.

The Dead Weather – Hustle and Cuss
The Black Keys – Tighten Up
The New Pornographers – Up In The Dark
Ben Harper & The Relentless 7 – Boots Like These
Hawksley Workman – Depress My Hangover Sunday
Tom Waits – Dirt In The Ground
DecoyDecoy – Stalker Love
Christian D and The Hangovers – Vampire Rocker
Idlers – Fish 'n Rum
The Lonely Vulcans – Stamen Invasion
Kids on Fire – Pure Passion For The Desperate Masses
The Flaming Lips, Stardeath & White Dwarfs – Money
The Pack A.D. - Everyone Looks Like Everyone
Ted Leo and The Pharmacists – Even Heroes Have To Die
The Fabulous Ginn Sisters – You Should've Known
The Cat Empire – All Hell
Buck 65 – Gee Whiz
Magnum K.I. - Rhythm Addict
Shad – Keep Shining
We Are The City – You're A Good Man
Vampire Weekend – I Think UR a Contra