Monday, February 8, 2010

January 7th, 2010

FUNDRIVE 2010: It's Gonna Happen!

FunDrive is our annual fundraising event, where we demand and actually need your support - No scam involved. It's important that people who care about the station support the station, so we can keep this thing going with no strings attached.

Our show goal was 750$. Last year I almost broke 500$, so I thought that was alright between Charlie & me. We almost didn't make it, but then ended up with almost 1000$! That was so cool! So exciting to get so close to 1000$! We definately doubled last year.

Here's the quip of a playlist, between talking about how great we are:

The Angry Dragons - Hex
Bloodshot Bill - Paradise
Devandra Banhart - Can't Help But Smiling
Buck 65 - Wicked & Weird
Los Campesinos! - I Warned You: Do Not Make An Enemy out of Me
Subcity - Temper
The Spy From Cairo - Blood & Honey
Ultra Mega - Juicy/Big Poppa
John K Samson - Heart of the Continent
Mason Rack Band - Who Do You Love?
Children of Bodom - Looking Out My Backdoor
Thao & The Get Down Stay Down - When We Swam
Every Time I Die - Wanderlust
The Burning Hell - Old World
Cat Empire - In My Pocket
Cat Empire - The Car Song

So Charlie & I sung, like we said we would. We had a friend of ours against a wall for pledges a couple weeks back & she said she'd do it if we sang that duet of Jackson by Johnny Cash & June Carter. It went alright I thought. Or at least, I was alright. I was the one I was worried about, so no problem then. Har har!

So we raised 985$! If you're reading this & are inspired to pledge, there's still time! FunDrive goes till Friday the 12th. There will be people taking your calls all day everyday at 774-6877. You can also pledge online at FunDrive is the best!

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