Monday, February 14, 2011

Long over due!

I would like to apoligise to everyone for my lack of updating. I only get internet access at work, and many times just forget to update this thing. So I'll update you for our past 3 shows. Starting Janvier 23, 2011. For January and February, I like using the French names of the months, Janvier and Fevrier, for just the way it rolls out of your mouth, and this one Buck 65 lyric from his one of his Dirtbike mixtapes. "Halloween I wish it could be everyday, the French word for February is Fevrier"

Janvier 23, 2011

Hawksley Workman - We Dance To Yesterday
Dog Tooth Violet - In Leather
D.O.A. - When Power Came To Canada
There's Always - Genghis Kahn Woulnd't Shop At Walmart (note: their album is titled Money in the Banana Stand)
Smoky Tiger - Satisfaction
The Black Angels - Haunting at 1300 McKinnley
Ultra Mega - C.R.E.A.M.
LeBeato - Sunny Places
Delhi 2 Dublin - Cabin Fever
Skrillex - Rock-N-Roll
The Angry Dragons - Love You Tonight
Black Rebel Motorcyle Club - Beat The Devil's Tattoo
Miesha and The Spanks - Oh The Things I Say
Enjoy Your Pumas - Set Back
The Burning Hell - I Love The Things That People Make
Absent Sound - Hip Hop Knights
Pink Mountaintops - The Gayest of Sunbeams
Braids - Lemonade
Of Montreal - Enemy Gene
Les Jupes - Last Dance

Janvier 30, 2011

Imaginary Cities - Temporary Resident
Enjoy Your Pumas - Like Animals
The Creepshow - Sleep Tight
The Dead Weather - Hustle & Cuss
The Dreadnoughts - Sleep is for the Weak
The Unsettlers - Dead and Gone
Shadow Shadow Shade - Line 'Em Up
Young Rival - Don't Make a Sound
Departures - Tired Old Pop Song
The Black Angels - River of Blood
LeBeato - Checkin' on My Pumas (The Lytics)
Ratatat - Party with Children
Crystal Castles - Empathy
The Afterbeat - Betterman
Prince Perry & The Gladtones - Until It Don't Happen
Telepathic Butterflies - Telescope
Smoky Tiger - The Winnipeg Jets
Les Jupes - Myth # 3 (The Mountain)
The XX - Crystalized
Of Montreal - Our Riotous Defects (featuring Janelle Monae)
Wintersleep - Encyclopedia

Fevrier 6, 2011

Legion of Liquor - Haters of Sobriety
The Unsettlers - Disco Junkie
The Vibrating Beds - Some Kind of Fool** Playing February 18 @ the Lo Pub for the Fundrive Wrap-Up
Eve Hell & The Razors - When The Lights Go Out
Miesha and The Spanks - Leather Jacket
The Animalistics - Spoiled Rotten
Departures - A Gentle Creature
Digits - Sarah
Flatfoot 56 - Hot Head
The Scissorkicks - Never Gonna
The Lindbergh Line - Scratching Plans
The Liptonians - You Know I Did
The Black Angels - Phosphene Dream
Effect & Cause - Revolver
Braids - Lammicken** Playing April 2nd at the Royal Albert
Evil Ebenezer - Love You
The Afterbeat - Gloryland
Vampires - Friday Buzz
Arcade Fire - Ready to Start
Christine Fellows - Fevrier
Christine Fellows - Mlle. Steno

I will try to update this thing at least once a week, but if not every two weeks!!

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