Monday, August 16, 2010

Sunday, August 15th

Jocelyn's back! (Me.)

I've been scouring the east coast for fossils of shipwrecks & the music that comes alongside those ghosts. Found more than I bargained for. This is my story.

Cast of characters:
Record of the Week Club - Keewatin Arctic (Kelvin - Iqaluit)
Subcity Dwellers - Temper (me - wpg)
Two Hours Traffic - No Advances (Tyler - PEI)

Nova Scotia:
Stan Rogers - Barrett's Privateers
Wintersleep - Encyclopedia
Laura Peek & the Winning Hearts - The Verdict
Thrush Hermit - Western Dreamz
Matt Mays - The Highway is a Scary Place
Matt Mays - Dartmouth Soundsystem
Joel Plaskett - Love This City

The Cat Empire - Call Me Home
(mandatory OzCon, and the theme to midnight on the Halifax harbour in full moon)

Great Big Sea - Excursion Around the Bay
Roundelay - Clarity for a Cost
Matt Hornell & The Diamond Minds - Red Crescent
Mark Bragg - Your Boy's Home
The Idlers - Small Island
Dog Meat BBQ - The Rocks Of Ireland's Eye
unknown - The Last Shanty
Mopey Mumble Mouse - Hot Dogs & Kraft Dinner
Right Fist Forward - 420
Harry Hibbs - Squid Jiggin Ground
The Fables - Ramblin' Rover

Coming home:
Murder By Death - King of the Gutters Prince of the Dogs
Stan Rogers - Mary Ellen Carter

I was so overwhelmed by what I found out east. Found a second home in Nova Scotia & St John's - especially St John's. Eager to go back. The music community there is very tight knit & the whole city stinks of what I love about Winnipeg. Older older, and with more singalongs and fish.

Apologies to Charlie for hauling anchor & having a time without her in the past couple weeks, and subsequently walking around like I own the place during this show. Next week there'll be more of us & less of my ego. And this week I hardly even stuttered!

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