Sunday, May 16, 2010

May 16th, 2010

What a great show! I am writing about it now, as my feet are still sweating from being in the studio. I can hear The Faktory is this hub of an apocalypse we call home.

What great flow! Rhythm & rhyme. Played (just about) every single thing I wanted. I give myself an A.

Dreadnoughts Eliza Lee
Dreadnoughts Amsterdam
Socalled (These are the) Good Old Days
Youngbloods Brass Band Nuclear Summer
Streetlight Manifesto Everything Went Numb
Skavenjah Skafari
El Autentico
One Day As A Lion Wild International
Nobunny I Am a Girlfriend
Elliott Brood Chuckwagon
The Weber Brothers Woman in the Window
Murder By Death On The Dark Streets Below
Meatdraw Are We Gonna Die?
The Burning hell Dance Dance Dance
The Burning Hell Dancer/Romancer
Scott Nolan This Train
The Angry Dragons Snake Apartment
The Lawrence Arms Beyond the Embarrassing Style
Lebeato feat Maiko Watson Some Kinda Love
Holy Fuck Stay Lit
Stars Your Ex Lover Is Dead
Great Lake Swimmers Your Rocky Spine
Talking Heads Once in a Lifetime

One more week till Charlie's back! While the cat's away, the mice will thrive!

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